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The National Meat Inspection Service is one of the agencies under the government of the Republic of the Philippines. Its main role is to ensure that meat being sold in markets and being consumed by the population at large is free from disease and potentially dangerous contaminants and microorganisms. It is under the organization of the Department of Agriculture.


The role of the National Meat Inspection Service is quite straight forward and clear cut – it is to safeguard the public’s interest when it comes to the selling and distribution of potentially contaminated meat in the mass market. Here’s how the department does its job:

1. First and foremost, the function of the agency is to inspect the meat and meat handling facilities in the country. This means that the Meat Inspection Service has jurisdiction over slaughterhouses and under places where livestock is usually killed and chopped into the choice cuts that eventually gets sold in markets. Approved pieces of meat would be issued an official certificate that it has passed the service’s tough standards for excellence and quality.

2. The National Meat Inspection Service also issues out advisories on imported meat products. Along with various sub agencies of the Department of Agriculture, the service is also tasked to make sure that no meat from a country or region currently experiencing contagion or livestock epidemic would be allowed to introduce products that may pose a danger to the health and well-being of citizens.

3. Private firms could also ask the National Meat Inspection Service to personally give their facilities and processes a passing score. Accreditation and certification is one of the services offered by the commission. The forms could easily be filled out at any office of the National Meat Inspection Service or at the official website of the service.

4. The National Meat Inspection Service issues a stamp on the surface of the meat itself to show that the piece of meat has passed the standards of the agency. A certificate is also issued to serve the same purpose.


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