Montgomery Fitch

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Montgomery Fitch + Associates
Fitch logo.png
Founder Luis Arcangel
Slogan No Rules,Just Results
Owner Montgomery Fitch + Associates Inc.
Key people Luis Arcangel, Founder & CEO
Louie De Leon, Co-Founder & Managing Director
Geraldine Samson, COO
Website [1]

Montgomery Fitch + Associates is an international creative agency headquartered in Manila, Philippines. Montgomery Fitch has offices in major cities around the world, including New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Yangon.


Montgomery Fitch was founded in 2011 by Luis Arcangel after several years in the New York startup scene. His startup team of four was comprised of several of his former students from the University of Asia and the Pacific, most of whom were seniors at the time. This founding team included current Managing Director Louie De Leon, who was completing his internship with the company at the time.

The agency started out as a creative boutique specializing in branding and graphic design, and has since evolved into providing 360 ° communications services which include strategic planning, market research, digital media and content production.

It has established a reputation as the preeminent millennial-oriented agency in the region, with 95% of its workforce below the age of 30 as of 2017. Montgomery Fitch has also emerged as the poster child in the Philippines for self-funded service startups, as it had infamously bootstrapped an 18-month runway on its own until its funding ran out. Arcangel was quoted as saying " With no real options left, I had to sell my bike and car just to keep the lights on" during its second year of operation, as he has been noted for being blunt about the company's early-stage challenges as well as its subsequent rise and rejuvenation.

In addition, the agency has been noted for its dynamic approach to workforce management, with counterintuitive policies such as unlimited leaves and open ended work hours for staff among others.


In 2016, Montgomery Fitch Australia Pty. Ltd was officially incorporated, with its regional headquarters established in Brisbane. Within a parallel timeframe, Montgomery Fitch + Team was founded as a shared services subsidiary operating out of Sydney and Melbourne.

Montgomery Fitch + Yangon was originated in 2017, with headquarters situated in Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar. COO Geraldine Samson was named regional director for all regional operations in Myanmar, with operational oversight over all client side campaigns in Yangon and Naypyitaw.